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Related article: Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 08:06:58 EST
From: Kevinmjoaol.com
Subject: eyes on my Son 3All rights reserved and You must be of legal age to read. If You are
enjoying this and the other stories on Nifty.org do look up how to send
in a few bucks to keep the site going for us please. I am moving to
Montreal in June would like to hear from guys up there write
Kevinmjoaol.com We were all exhausted from that first work out of ours and
were seated on the bar stools lined up with me in the middle of Them. My
two handsome young hunks all naked. I was admiring Them both stealing a
look from one to the other. Eric with his powerful blonde haired legs and
the feet of an Adonis and that thick blonde hair. always a smile on his
face. John on the other side his well defined smooth chest and 28 inch
waist. His jet black hair and that monster dick even soft still so thick
and it hung down over his big hairy balls. I knew I was not the only one
playing the peeking game I saw both John and Eric taking turns looking at
each other and at me. John was admitting to me and Eric that he had a
crush on me for a long time. He said he was working like crazy to get the
house cleaning job and when I was not at home and he there alone he would
take a pair of my briefs from the laundry and sniff them dreaming of my
cock. John was saying how he really just got off on a man's foot and
socks the whole underwear thing. Eric was Now holding up his bare foot in
front of me saying to John "How about a man's bare foot? John reached
across me and took hold of Eric's bare foot then leaned down and kissed
it. Fuck my cock was getting so hard already seeing this. Looking over at
Eric's cock which was still soft coming up from his thick bush of pubic
hairs then leaning forward over his ample hairy balls with the fat cock
head under his balls. I saw that Eric's cock was growing as he was having
his bare foot worked on by the handsome John. Eric surprised me by saying
" " Cool and one of my fetishes is Arm pits" with that he held up my arm
and leaned in to lick my hairy arm pit. My dick responded at once and was
now pressing into Eric's bare foot in John's hand. John was rubbing
Eric's now hard long bare cock on my dick on my balls and I moved to
allow him to work Eric's big toe against the hole of my ass. Oh it felt
so hot his bare toe touching me there. Eric moaned as he continued to
lick out my Arm pit and play with my tits. A combination of my moving and
John guiding Eric's big toe and the fact my hole was so cum soaked lead
to Eric's toe entering my hole. MY Son's bare toe was fucked into me and
John was loving the fact he 10 yr lolitas nude was able to bring this about. I was moving on
Eric's manly big thick toe and Eric with that handsome knowing smile on
his face was fucking his toe into me.
John proposed something yet another fetish of his for us to try. I
was willing to do what lolita teen nn model ever this Adonis could think up. Hell he had not
failed me so far. His idea which Eric loved was to have Eric in the
middle on his side while I fucked my dick into him and Eric to fuck his
dick into John while taking mine and then to switch. We all stood up then
really hot to try our new game at once. Eric's ass there in front of me
so smooth so round and so firm to my touch. I was pushing a finger into
him as he stood there finger fucking me own son. Eric was pushing back on
me moaning and John was getting on the sofa bed. Eric I knew was no
virgin but he had said he never had a dick as big as mine of John's and
it was like being a virgin taking them both. he got on the bed behind
John and tiny lolita nude bbs I stood beer in hand watching as Eric was guiding his thick hard
Dick into John's wonderful ass. John was begging his to take his time
cause Eric is a big boy down there. When Eric was firmly planted deep in
John's hole I came down behind Eric and I guided my thick cock head to my
Son's hairy hole parting the hairs that guarded his pussy my dick head
now on his hole I pushed and Eric was coming back onto me at the same
time my whole Dick head shot into Eric and he took a breath and stayed
still as more of my dick came into him while he was in John's hole Eric
said "Oh Dad yea Oh Dad I love the feel of Your hot dick bare backing
into lolitas wearing thongs piccs me Oh Dad give just naked lolita girls
me more of that thick cock. I leaned my leg more over
him as I was feeding all my dick into him once in to the root of my thick
cock Eric and I got into a motion as I pumped my dick into him he would
pump his dick into John. We were all moaning and feet were all over I was
able with one thrust into Eric at the same time touch both Eric and
John's bare feet. Eric was rubbing his bare feet against both John and I
as we fucked like this. I had to cum I had to release my load the first
load into my Son and I was cuming a gallon of cream into his hot ass and
I could feel him shooting his powerful load deep into John's hole filling
John with his your cream.write kevinmjoaol.com
You must give Your age for legal reasons.
I hope this story got all You guys off? sure is doing it for me
hugs kevin Kelly
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